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Tiger Lily Wedding Bouquets

All types of lilies are beautiful flower choices for a bride and her wedding. The most popular are callas lilies, stargazer lilies and tiger lilies. Each of these species is adequate for a certain type of wedding formality or location. The tiger lily is one of the most interesting. It has a large flower with dotted petals. We love the dark spots that make this flower look so cute and unique! This type of flower is tall and lavish and it has a sweet powerful fragrance. Tiger lilies are also known as “ditch lilies. They can be found in wild regions, growing especially in ditches. This is where the name comes from.

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There are many other names assigned to this type of lily, such as: the Devil Lily, the Oregon Lily, the Columbia Lily, the Leopard Lily or the Western Wood Lily. One amazing aspect to know about these flowers is that they are edible. This is precisely why so many cake designers and decorators are using tiger lily for their confections. Tiger lilies are also used for different food show presentations. The bulbs are also edible. Note these qualities down and taken them into consideration for your wedding cake and dessert table arrangements.

Tiger Lilly Wedding Bouquets

Tiger Lilly Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Jack Newton)

There are two principal colors that are available for tiger lilies: brilliant orange and subtle pink. The dots in black and brown make these flowers look special and inedited. They are easy to recognize in a wedding bouquet and easy to spot from afar. The orange hue is a fabulous selection for fall weddings. If your ceremony occurs during this season, consider carrying a bouquet of orange tiger lily for a spectacular look. The pinkish blooms are ideal for spring and summer celebrations. Tiger lilies are symbolic flowers. They are associated with pride and wealth. Besides this, they are also thought to bring good luck to the bride and groom in their new marriage.

There are many ways to play with this flower for a bridal bouquet. But you should know that tiger lilies look at their best when uses as primary flowers. They can be enhanced by complimentary colored flowers. Don’t try to use contrasting hues because the effect won’t be very elegant or wedding-appropriate. Tiger lilies were planted in China for food back in the old days. Later in time, this flower has become a favorite garden flower for its beautiful aspect. You might also like to know that there are two main types of tiger lily to consider: the oriental type and the wildflower type. Vibrant and elegant, these flowers made unique selections for bridal and wedding party bouquets. They have long stems that can be used for arm sheaf bouquets and high wedding centerpieces. They make a dramatic statement in exotic bouquets.


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